Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wacom Drivers 6.3.14-1 and Photoshop

I came across a peculiar bug while testing Photoshop CC today. While drawing, the cursor would suddenly become unresponsive. Lifting the stylus from the surface would fix the issue but only temporarily. I loaded up Photoshop CS 5.5 and found that the issue affected it, as well. So, it wasn't a Creative Cloud issue. After some fiddling around I had an epiphany: the stylus was becoming unresponsive during the little breaks I take in between making lines. A short five second pause was all it took for the problem to manifest itself.

But what was causing the problem in the first place? Was it a hardware or software issue? On a hunch I went to Wacoms' website and browsed their legacy drivers. See, the night before I had downloaded the latest software for my Intuos4. When troubleshooting it's important think back to what you changed last. I had, more or less, eliminated Photoshop from the list of culprits, and Wacoms' drivers had certainly given me trouble in the past. With that in mind I downloaded and installed driver version 6.3.10w2. Lo and behold it seems to have worked! Photoshop is operating as it should and I still have access to Wacoms' cloud service.



  1. Wacom new drivers are buggy as heck

    1. Yep! And Wacom takes forever and a day to fix them if they even do at all. It's been years since that "The tablet driver was not found error" bug popped up and it's still not fixed. Frustrating!